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Tom’s attention to detail is exceptional. Through insightful pictures and down-to-earth descriptions of each issue, the story of the house I am very excited to own, unfolded. I felt like in a very short time, he gave me the ‘manual’ for my new home! The short answer would be: no stone unturned, no detail too small and picture is worth a thousand words. Working with Tom was a joy! Thanks, Tom
Noah D, Client
Having purchased several properties in the past we can safely say the reports from Tom were the most thorough and he delivered the most comprehensive information we have seen. He was great in follow up and we would highly recommend!!
Wayne J, Client
Tom is the BEST!! We just bought our first home and he did a very good and thorough inspection! He is trustworthy, hard-working, and extremely helpful. We would recommend him to anyone!
Kari N, Client
Communication, scheduling, and payment with Tom was easy and efficient. He did an excellent job conducting the inspection and explaining his findings to us on a house we are hoping to buy. The house had already been inspected by the city and by the seller but it was absolutely worth it for us to hire Branch Property Investigations in addition.
Jill Z, Client
Tom is fantastic! We had him inspect the home were just purchased and his attention to detail is great, especially considering that you’re likely making the biggest financial decision in your life based on his recommendations. Tom was super punctual to our meetings and took great care in explaining the potential issues along with things that were not to be worried about but something to pay attention to down the road. Tom also did the inspection on the home we sold and the inspection was done so well it gave the buyers the confidence in our home to go through with the purchase.
Brian B, Client
We’re so lucky we were able to have Tom come out to help us inspect a townhome during his busy weekend. Tom was able to provide a thorough inspection of the home, testing and testing some more to make sure he has the most accurate information possible at the time. You’re going to find out quickly that not only is Tom adept at finding things, but he will also take his time educating and providing insight for future needs.
Martin K, Client
A great experience! Branch Property Investigations will be a very thorough and friendly job, regardless of whether you are getting a commercial building or residential property inspected. We speak from our own great experience! Thank you!
Jeff C, Client
Tom is very thorough in his inspection, and recommendations. His detailed report made it easy to understand the deficiencies – his main goal is safety. His expertise was a huge value to me during the process of buying my home. Prices are great as well!
Abby Z, Client
Tom is AS GOOD AS IT GETS. Tom goes above and beyond what the typical inspector is willing to do. His ability to educate his clients on what he has found and why it is important is incredible. Tom goes the extra mile and it shows! Through his presentation and explanation of his inspection, Tom empowers his clients to feel confident in the purchase of their new home. If you need an inspection, you’d be doing yourself a HUGE favor in hiring Tom.
Taylor D, Realtor
Excellent service! Tom was quick to respond and extremely helpful throughout the entire process. I will definitely recommend him to my friends and family.
Allegra A, Client
Tom was thorough and timely in his inspection, and afterwards explained what needed to be fixed and how to meet compliance standards.
Jonny N, Client
We had such a great experience with Tom and that our purchase fell through, we contacted him again for our next home inspection. He was very educated and walked us through each step in the inspection process.
Sara S, Client
This was a beautiful condominium, turn-key! I really wanted it and felt at home. However, I learned that the furnace and AC were quite old and that several windows needed replacing. All of these issues I was unaware of prior to the inspection. I decided to choose a different property rather than risk possibly having to replace those items in the very near future.
V. Watson, Client
Tom was very helpful and professional through the entire process of our inspection. He was able to schedule an appointment on short notice and still delivered a thorough report that helped us reach our decision quickly.  
Jordan G, Client
Tom Geoffroy is a very “thorough” inspector! He made my wife and I very comfortable when it came to one of the biggest purchases of our lives. I would not hesitate hiring Tom in the future. Great Experience!
Damon L, Client
My realtor recommended Tom. I emailed him on a weekend. He called me just a couple hours later and me scheduled for the next day. I am a first home buyer. He took time to explain all he found and answered my many questions, even though it would be in the report. He did a thorough job and professional job and I feel comfortable knowing my home has been inspected well. I will recommend Tom to others.
Carmen B, Client
We were very pleased with the service provided! It was very informative, yet not overwhelming. Would definitely recommend Tom to a friend!
Tom B, Client
I have found my wonderful new home and due to the thorough inspection, I have no worries of any hidden maintenance issues. As a single mom, this is very reassuring to me. Branch Property Investigations was fantastic to work with and I highly recommend them!  
Vicki W, Client
As first time home buyers we really appreciate the depth of information from Tom our inspector. He was very educated and walked us though each item on the report with explanations on how to fix the issues.  
Sara S, Client
Easy to understand, knowledgeable, pleasant and professional.  
D. Johnson, Realtor
Appreciated his comments and ability to make the safety issues aware but not to over exaggerate conditions.
Dan D, Realtor
Thomas is friendly, knowledgeable, understands the inspection process, and is sensitive to his clients. This is critically important in our highly competitive marketplace.  
Dave J, Realtor
Tom Geoffroy is great to work with, he is very thorough in his investigations at the properties and works well with the client in explaining pertinent issues.  
Cristie M, Realtor
I would definitely recommend Tom for any home inspection. He has helped me with two inspections throughout my home buying process. I was very impressed on how thorough Tom is with his inspections. I truly appreciated how well Tom clearly explained each aspect of the home. It was great working with someone who is very knowledgeable and takes time to walk through all the details of the home.
Britney, Client
Tom Geoffroy was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend him. He thoroughly inspected my home, and then systematically walked me through the entire structure. He explained how equipment and systems were supposed to work, why something was a problem, and how to fix it. I walked away feeling confident in the home I purchased and more knowledgeable about houses in general. I’d love to have him back to refresh my memory on a regular basis!
Margaret, Client
Tom was professional, punctual, and extremely easy to work with. He quickly assessed the problem and referred us to a reputable company to address the problem. He was a calming presences in a stressful situation. I was so impressed with Tom that I recommended him to my sister-in-law who used Tom to inspect a home she was considering purchasing. Tom’s inspection revealed issues that led my sister-in-law to decide not to purchase the house, saving her from costly repairs in the future. Tom will always be our go to guy for our home inspection needs.
Tonya H., Client
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