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Sewer scope camera inspections are important because any problems with the main sewer line are the financial responsibility of the homeowner. Buyers take note: If there are problems with the sewer line that routine sewer cleaning won’t solve, the repairs will likely be expensive.

No age of home is immune to sewer problems. While it’s unlikely, even new homes can have problems with the main building drain. As you might imagine, the potential for problems increases with the age of the home and proximity to trees. The decision to have a sewer inspection done will ultimately come down to your tolerance for risk.

Our sewer inspections are typically scheduled online at the same time the home inspection is scheduled. 48 hour notice is required to guarantee the time slot requested. Less than 48 hours notice may result in the sewer inspection being conducted separately from the home inspection and may require your realtor to be on-site during the sewer inspection.

All sewer inspection reports will be sent out the day the inspection was conducted, typically in the evening.

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“Todd was knowledgeable & thorough. Scheduling was quick & easy as was making payment. It was reasonably priced, too.”

Patricia M. , Minneapolis

“Branch Property Investigations did a great job for our inspection as we were buying our first home. They were responsive & very thorough.  Could not be happier.”

Cassie T., Bloomington


What does a sewer inspection entail?2021-08-18T12:57:15-05:00

A professional inspector will inspect the sewer line of the home by inserting a flexible borescope camera into the pipes. Then, while recording, the camera will be guided into the sewer line, which drains the home’s wastewater into the sewer system.

Using this camera, the inspector will perform a comprehensive inspection of the sewer line, and look for things like cracks, damage to the lines, roots that have grown through the pipe, and any other potential concerns.

What is included in the cost of a sewer inspection?2021-08-18T12:58:57-05:00

You will receive a written synopsis including pipe material, length of sewer main, general condition, damage findings (if any) and recommendations for future maintenance and/or repair, and a link to the narrated video footage.

What if serious damage is found during the sewer inspection?2021-08-18T14:16:41-05:00

The inspector will contact the client and relay any pertinent information and recommendations to rectify the problem.  We will suggest that the client contact a plumbing contractor to provide a detailed repair estimate for the damages discovered.

What if sewer access cannot be located?2021-08-18T13:01:07-05:00

If sewer access cannot be located, the inspector will determine if the property is eligible for a toilet pull or if it would be possible to conduct the inspection through the roof vent. A toilet pull will require  a waiver signed by the property owner. Generally, we will have to reschedule the inspection for another day/time.

If it is determined an inspection could be conducted through the roof vent, the technician will get permission for the additional charge before proceeding. A toilet pull will incur an additional charge for the removal and reinstallation on the toilet.

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