As spring arrives, most of us are eager to open windows, clean out closets, and uncover patio furniture! But home ownership requires going the extra mile, at least if you want to maintain your property value and avoid costly surprises. Our harsh winters can take their toll — both inside and out– so today’s blog will give you a practical checklist to help you prioritize your spring home maintenance.

Download your Spring Home Maintenance Checklist PDF 2024 to print.

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Start Outside with the Exterior

___  Check for cracks in any sidewalks or stoops.
___  Check driveway condition; does it need sealing or other repair?
___  Inspect the roof (if you can do so safely); do you see signs of loose or broken shingles?
___  Can you see any signs of wear like cracks or missing mortar on the chimney? Make sure a flue cap is installed.
___  Clean gutters and downspouts if they are clogged with any debris.
___  Ensure all downspouts are intact and connected and draining at least 6 feet from foundation.
___  Check the exterior paint; is it chipping or peeling?
___  Check foundation for cracks or signs of water pooling. Caulk smaller cracks, call for help with bigger.
___  Check window condition and note if washing is necessary. Examine caulk at corners and update as needed.
___  Remove storm windows and replace with screens if desired.
___  Fill in any gaps/holes in siding or exterior where pests could enter.
___  Schedule air-conditioner service so it’s ready for use. Check insulation around condensate line for holes.
___  Check deck for any algae, protruding nails, or cracked wood. Pressure wash and maintain finish as needed.
___  During heavier rains, go outside with an umbrella/raincoat and check for puddles within 6’ of foundation.

Time to Move Inside

___  Replace batteries in smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.
___  Check attic for any roof leaks or disconnected ductwork. While examining, check for any signs of pests.
___  Check under sinks to ensure no signs of leaks.
___  Replace furnace filter.
___  Dust easily-overlooked areas (baseboards, top of cabinets, blinds).
___  Deep-clean kitchen appliances (stovetop, oven, microwave, dishwasher).
___  Check window and door seals for cracks or leaks.
___  Check your sump pump to ensure it is draining properly (at least 10 feet away from the house).
___  Install sump pump battery-backup if you don’t already have one.
___  Check basement for damp areas after rain.
___  Schedule chimney cleaning, if necessary.
___  Schedule air duct cleaning, if necessary.

Take heart — this list was compiled by a home inspector! Most tasks are DIY (Do It Yourself) but for some jobs, you may wish to enlist the help of a handyman or other qualified professional. We have some trusted resources listed on our website if you need a starting point. Maintaining your home takes time and money and most would agree… it’s a worthwhile investment!